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The Open Plato Project aims to create a new kind of digital translation and commentary of ancient Greek philosophical texts, intended for both expert and non-expert audiences and produced in collaboration with scholars from multiple disciplines. The Project’s mission is to widen the audience of people who are able to find joy and meaning in the study of these texts. Its core belief is that democratizing the study of philosophical texts is beneficial both to society and to scholarship. The first phase of this project will be an online, open-access, and open-source translation and commentary for Plato’s Alcibiades.

project description


Sukaina Hirji (UPenn)

Evan Rodriguez (Idaho State)

Mark Gasser-Wingate (BU)

Robert Howton 

Emily Kress (Brown)

Katy Meadows (Indiana U)

Gabriel Shapiro (Princeton)

Jacob Stump (Northeastern)

Claudia Yau (Houston)

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