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Sukaina Hirji

Professor in Philosophy

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

University of Pennsylvania



I am interested in what it means to be an agent -- to think, feel, and act -- in a world that is imperfect, and often deeply unjust. My work spans normative ethics, moral psychology, and Ancient Greek philosophy. See my research page for more information.


13 OCT 2023 

Northwestern University Colloquium Talk


27-29 OCT 2023

NAAPE Keynote speaker 


10 NOV 2023 

Johns Hopkins History of Philosophy Works in Progress


13 NOV 2023 

Johns Hopkins Political and Moral Thought Seminar 

16 NOV 2023

UNC Workshop on Race, Sex and Marginalization in Ancient Greece 


18 JAN 2024 

Union College Colloquium Talk 


26 JAN 2024

Stanford Colloquium Talk 


19 APR 2023 

Brandeis Colloquium Talk 

Upcoming Talks
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