photo by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Virginia Tech. Before moving to beautiful Blacksburg, I was a graduate student at Princeton University; I wrote my dissertation under the wonderful supervision of Hendrik Lorenz and Ben Morison.

I work primarily in ancient philosophy and, in particular, on Aristotle. Most of my research right now is on questions concerning virtue, well-being, perfectionism and teleology. Some of my research is at the intersection of ancient and contemporary ethics. Amongst other things, I’m working on developing a new and improved version of Aristotelian perfectionism.  See my research page for more information.


Outside of my research, I’ve been lucky to be involved in several wonderful initiatives that seek to make the discipline a better place both inside and outside the classroom. I am on the Steering Committee for the Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy; I am a faculty advisor for the Virgina Tech chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP); I spear-headed the Compass Workshop; and I’ve taught several philosophy courses at local correctional facilities through Princeton’s Prison Teaching Initiative (PTI). I am also responsible for the Philosodog Blog. See my links and teaching page for more information.

When I’m not doing philosophy, I spend my time cooking, hiking, running or playing with this fluffball.



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